Freelance artist

Helo. I'm OMGACORGI, a furry artist, by day I draw environments and beefed up warriors in armor, and by night I draw furry (lies, I work with both at night ;)

I suggest reading my terms before commissioning

How to contact?

Discord: A Corgi(Nelo)#7618

Form: Commission form
(I use the same form for both profiles so don't get spooked)


Starting price is $160 but varies based on subject

Flat Color

Clean lines with no shading

Cel Shading

Clean lines with flat shading


Smooth shadows and highlights

Reference Sheets

Flat colored character sheet


Extra characters: 70% each, 50% for small pets/companions

Complexity (multiple arms, wings, complex marking): 30% of totalNSFW: $15

Character design/Reference sheet (When there are no visual references for the character or the client wants a reference sheet format): 30% of total

NSFW, some kink, explicitExtreme kinks, noncon, loli/shota, cub
Slight GoreExcessive Gore, Excessive self harm, Hatred towards groups
Mecha, Heavy Armor, Feral 

Terms of Service

By agreeing to commission me, you automatically accept my Terms of Service. I advise to read this ToS before paying.General Information
-I reserve the right to decline any commission request.
-I reserve the right to update my commission prices and information, however, an already agreed commission on said budget won’t have their price changed.
-All communication will be documented, either via email, social media or discord.
-All communication with the client will be kept private.
Image Right and Usage for Personal Illustrations
-I reserve the right to the image, distribution and use.
-I reserve the right to display any commissioned image in my portfolio, website and social media.
-The commissioner can’t remove the sign nor claim the artwork as theirs.
-The commissioner can’t use the commissioned images for commercial profit unless previously discussed.
-The commissioner can display the image on any of their social media or sites as long as the sign is kept and/or they provide a link to any of my social media below.
Payment & Refund
-The accepted payment methods are: PayPal through invoices, Cryptocurrencies (BTC or ETH), certain type of Giftcards, Payoneer, PipolPay or direct bank transfer.
-Payment plans are acceptable for amounts higher than 100$, on which the client will have the option to pay 50% upfront and 50% later or any other agreed amount.
-Commissions won’t be progressed until payment is done fully or an agreed percentage if there is a payment plan.
-I reserve the right to cancel and refund any started commission, with prior notification to the commissioner, due lack of communication, rudeness, inappropriate behaviour or any kind of abuse.
-Refunds can be requested taking into consideration:
• Commissions are non-refundable during and after the coloring stage.
• If the commissioner wishes to cancel a commission, the refund amount will be calculated based on the commission progress. The commissioner will receive whatever of the commission was completed at that stage.
• Refund requests will be discussed via email, messenger, discord or any other agreed medium and not through PayPal dispute.
-Corrections will be charged as an extra commission if the amount of work required to fix it is higher than 15 minutes.
-Commission files will be sent to the commissioner email once the payment is completed.
Regarding NFT
-The client is not allowed to sell commissioned art or my art at all as NFT, unless I approve it and get a percentage of the sales.